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What is Barrelman Radio?

Barrelman Radio was started by Dwight & Joan Ross on August 1, 2016.  It was born out of a creative vision to have an online media platform that was wholesome, family oriented and dedicated to positive content coming out of Jamaica. It is operated under the slogan as the “Diaspora’s #1 Inspirational, Family and Lifestyle Station”. The online media outlet was an immediate hit, due to its vibe, energy, message and its main host, the "Barrelman” who was an already established viral, social media personality and well sought after emcee. Barrelman Radio has now evolved into one of the most recognized online outlets for authentic Christian content, positive lifestyle, family-friendly programs and features promoting and preserving, the Jamaica cultural experience.  Its general target audience is Caribbean people scattered all over the world, especially in the North American and English Diaspora regions worldwide. The Station can be found on its website and via its mobile app, free from the Google Play Store and the TUNE IN Radio app (IOS platform is currently in development). The viewership/listener-ship averages 5,000 - 10,000 per program. The station has received its second nomination as the 'Favorite Morning Program" by the Jamaican awards organization, The Sterling Awards. It is the only online station in a large group of terrestrial stations nominees.


MISSION: The MISSION of Barrelman Radio is to be a direct and relevant platform where people of the Jamaican Diaspora in particular and Caribbean in general, can bond and stay connected via what is indigenous and common. Using the avenue of music, nostalgic folklore, language, and lifestyle, while promoting wholesome living and strong family values, while simultaneously spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

What is BarrelNation Psalm 33:12?

The fan base/listenership of Barrelman Radio formulated their title. They branded themselves the BarrelNation Psalm 33:12 Family. It's a family that spans the Jamaican Diaspora across the world. The following increases daily through the different sub groupings in different countries and territories- Namely New York Tri-State, Georgia, Florida, England, France, Bahamas and Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean. The "Nation", which is less than two years old, has built a unique bond that has morphed itself in very tight, close knitted family which transcends borders. The programs through Barrelman Radio have resulted in many persons committing and recommitting their lives to God and have formed long-lasting relationships in the "Nation".

BarrelNation executes their events in several major cities across the world. This year, we will have seven (7) such events in Bahamas, Paris, London, Lauderhill, New York, Atlanta and Toronto. These events all have a rich Jamaican Cultural theme, particularly as it relates to music, food and interactive activities. The purpose of these events is to among other things: spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, provide a space for corporate meeting and fellowship of the fan base, preserve and promote the Jamaican cultural influence and legacy within the Diaspora space, secure funding to continue to make Barrelman Radio viable, generate a pool of funds to support our outreach/charity plans for the near future and to cover cost of paying for the registration of the BarrelNation Psalm 33:12 Ministries (a non-profit organization). Such designation will be sought in four countries where the listenership is substantial

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